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The Wedding of

Shun &

29 . 12 . 2022

Our Story

Tokyo, September 2018.

Even though it was already September, it was a hot day as the new semester started at Kichijoji Language School. Shun was already sitting in classroom 4J when Alysia entered the room. Shun saw her and thought ,“wow this girl is really cute!” At the same time, Alysia noticed Shun and wondered, “who is this Japanese guy in a tank top taking Japanese lessons?!”

They started out as merely classmates trying to improve their Japanese skills, but as the semester went on and, as most did in the 2010’s, they exchanged social media and connected a bit more. The first time they hung out was at a little cafe called Nana’s Green Tea, near their school. It may have been their first time hanging out outside of class, but they sat in that cafe laughing and sharing stories for the next 5 hours. When they had said their goodbyes and made their way back to their respective homes, Shun was left with the thought “uh-oh this could be dangerous,” because he felt there was something special about her. Though Alysia also had a good time, she was also a little bit annoyed because Shun would not stop trying to open her wallet and phone, curious to see her past photos.

From that day on, Shun and Alysia started to hang out more. Sometimes it was studying together, and other times it was exploring new parts of Tokyo and finding great places to eat. Now Alysia had only seen their times together as two very platonic friends hanging out, but Shun found himself quickly falling for her. (Oh Shun, always the dreamer…)

Kichijoji Language School Spring Graduation, March 2019.

This would be their last times together as they would graduate and go on their own ways. Knowing this, Shun gathered his courage to act on these growing feelings of affection that he had for Alysia. They attended one last school event, the Sakura Viewing, and when Shun walked her home, he asked her on a date. Alysia was surprised, but knowing he is a dear friend, she said yes. Their first date viewing the blooming sakura while strolling around Nakameguro was sweet, and it continued onto a second date and many dinners together. With each date, each new memory made and each meal shared together, Shun’s relentless care and kindness moved her heart from that “veRy pLatOnic JuSt FRienDs” feeling to requited feelings of love.

Over the next 3 years, God has grown them both individually and as a couple to the point where they are ready to begin a life together as husband and wife.

「ゆくゆくは」’Yuku yuku wa’ means ‘from now on’, and it represents the hopes, dreams, and goals they have for their marriage from this first day onward.


With great pleasure and by the Love
and Grace of God,

Shun Kyle Nakamura

Son of Mr. Fumiaki Nakamura & Mrs. Jill Nakamura

Son of Mr. Fumiaki Nakamura
& Mrs. Jill Nakamura


Talitha Alysia Onggo

Daughter of Mr. Ong Onggo Tjandra Setiawan & Mrs. Hartini Hadipoerwoto

Daughter of Mr. Ong Onggo Tjandra Setiawan
& Mrs. Hartini Hadipoerwoto

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Your love, kind wishes and prayer on our wedding day is the
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