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GroomReinaldo HalimR

I met Adeline approximately 3 ½ years ago through Tinder. Ever since we first met, I knew I had found a gem in the haystack. Adeline is very well educated, has an amazing sense of humor, weirdly fun, easy going, thoughtful, and most of all, she has a very kind heart. What attracted me to her the most is her positive attitude and very positive outlook on life. We have spent countless days doing things that we both love and that strengthen our relationship more and more as we grew and learn about each other. My proposal to Adeline at the end of 2019 was absolutely the best decision I have ever made and thankfully she said “YES”. I can’t wait to marry Adeline and cheers to the rest of our lives.

BrideAdeline TingsantosoA

I never thought that a swipe right on a Tinder profile would change my life forever. Rei and I have so much in common like going to the same high school, living in Ancol and speaking Thai. We also have the same values and mindset. Rei is funny, charming, caring, reliable, fun, and my best friend. My 3 years with him has been the best time of my life and I am so excited to start a new life together with Rei.


Safety Protocol

This event will be carried out with
strict health protocols required by the government.

All guests must agree to do a swab test before entry. Please arrive 30 minutes earlier.
All cutleries will be sanitized.
Measure body temperature check before entering.
Keep a safe distance.
Must wear a mask.
All area will be sanitized before the event begins.