The Wedding of

& Marcella


The Wedding

Cordially request the honour of your
presence at
the wedding of our
beloved son and daughter

Calvin Humfryanto Sutjiadji, S.T

Calvin Humfryanto
Sutjiadji, S.T

Son of Mr. Steven Sinta Brata (Tjia Tjie Sien)
& Mrs. Juhana Sugianto / Yoan (Tan Giok Hwa)


drg. Marcella Egi

Daughter of Mr. Hagi Andialy (Lie Kim Gie)
& Mrs. Enie Rahaju (Oey Eng Hwa)

Our joy will be complete with your
presence and
blessings at our
celebration of love

Saturday, 06 August 2022

Virtual Live

Dear guests, you can access the live streaming of
Calvin & Marcella's wedding through the following
button during the hours listed

Holy Matrimony 10.30

Wedding Reception 18.00


With all due respect, giving angpao will be safer
with cashless method. It avoids physical contact and
reduces the chances of being lost, and it will be more
convenient for you because it can be done anywhere
and any time before attending the wedding event.

Calvin H S/Marcella Egi

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Thank You

Thank you for celebrating with us,
please enjoy on our special day!