Mr. Weweh Roeswandi Permana
& Mrs. Analiana

together with

Mr. Djiauw Bun Lung
& Mrs. Ng Yuliana

request the honour of your presence
in the marriage of their children

Andrianto Muliawan Permana, S.T., M.T.


Natasha Hartieni, S.T.

Minggu, 14 Mei 2023

Our Favorite
Bandung Culinary

1. Sop Kaki M. Syam
(Sop Kaki Kambing & Sapi M. Syam)
Menu Favorit: Sop Kaki Kambing + Jeroan
See location

2. Batagor dan Baso Cuankie Serayu
Menu Favorit: Batagor dan Baso Cuanki
See location

3. Kopaka Cake
Menu Favorit: Lapis Legit, Brownis,
Lapis Malang, Lapis Orange
See location

4. Dapoer Pandan Wangi - Patuha
Menu Favorit: Gurame Bakar Kecap, Karedok,
Nasi Liwet, Babat, Es Kopyor
See location

5. RM. Puri Bambu
Menu Favorit: Sate Babi, Singapore Bakutteh,
Nasi Goreng Ham, Babi Goreng Asin, Telor Mata Babi
See location

6. Se'i Babi Lelebo
Menu Favorit: Sei Babi Sambal Matah,
Babi Goreng Saos Kecap
See location

7. Bakso Semar
Menu Favorit: Bakso Urat, Bakso Tetelan
See location

8. Menara Bakmie
Menu Favorit: Mie Ayam, Pangsit Goreng,
Baso Goreng
See location

9. Swike Karang Anyar Cibadak
Menu Favorit: Swike Mentega Asin, Swike Kuah
See location

10. Ronde Jahe Alkateri
Menu Favorit: Ronde Campur
See location


This event will be carried out with
health protocols required by the government.

All area will be
sanitized before the
event begins

Measure body
temperature check
before entering

All cutleries
will be sanitized

Must wear
a mask

Keep a safe


Your love, kind wishes and prayer on our wedding day is the greatest gift of all. However, should you wish to send us blessing via online registry that we set up, you can conveniently transfer through our bank account.


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